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The main thrust of HTS-Union General Information Pack is to provide information about the union hence make it easy for people to understand and appreciate our organization generally.

It is critical that industrial relations matters should be given the befitting attention by the tripartite partners at the work place for purposes of improving efficiency and effectiveness of the workers for better service delivery and improved productivity of organizations and the economy at large.

Social dialogue which refers to negotiation, consultation or an exchange of views between representatives of employers, workers and government, is a proved flexible tool for achieving economic and social change. It is most important for parties to always deploy social dialogue in dealing with most situations as the way to resolving issues.

While saluting all stakeholders, I take this noble opportunity to call upon Government Employers, Workers, Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations and other actors to join our efforts to improve Labour standards and situation in Uganda for a better future.


Moses Richard Mauku

General Secretary
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To organize, recruit members and raise awareness of the stakeholders to promote union viability and relevance


To improve union finance resource base and mobilization to enhance the union full functional capacity


To promote good governance for better administration and improved service delivery, as well as local and international relations to enhance cohesion, visibility and solidarity
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Baleke John Whyte

Director Planning and Operations